American Lizards

by Eleven Year Old

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"It's eleven-year-old somewhere! Let the light shine down on American Lizards--the album that gathers a true collective soul among you and your chums.

Sometimes you just want to wear a denim jacket on the beach, but the sand might get stuck in the gaps of the patches and it just sounds like a downright mess. The day I finally got the courage, I was only on Side A--drowning out the waves with the crooning vox of Jacob Hethcox making their way through a pair of Bose® Quiet Comfort® Noise Cancelling® headphones ($149.99).

As one lies on one's towel in front of one's Gulf, a lot of one's emotions are stirred (If "Hermit's Blues" doesn't woo you into the arms of 11YO, then...hey...) and said one may brew up a lot of hypotheticals in one's mind (e.g. "If Nico was with us today, wouldn't 'Poochie' be on her iTunes Celebrity Playlist?").

One of Am-Liz's many highlights, "Dissolve," sends a movement through the body, all the way up to your surprisingly active eyebrows--enough to give a jabroni like Dwayne T. R. Johnson an awfully exhausting (albeit, joyful) two minutes and forty seconds.

I like to imagine "Smell Human" as the song that was playing when Alexa Moquin finally said "yes" to me at the 8th Grade dance, rather than Blessid Union of Souls' "Standing at the Edge of the Earth" from their third studio album Walking Off the Buzz. It would have been the perfect transition into the waltz-passable "With Spell" as we slammed our sweaty palms against each other's Aéropostale-laden waist and shoulders, trying to figure out who is leading--and suddenly, Eleven Year Old is. "Permanently Stuck Faded" jingles all the way with encouraging applause as Alexa shoves her Claire's Blueberry Gloss™ lips into mine and lays one on me out of fucking nowhere. Thanks, American Lizards."

-Derek Holmes, Music Man


released June 13, 2015


RECORDED in the Gremlin Grotto by Jake & Sam

JAKE plays guitars, throat, drums & melodica
SAM plays bass

TRAVIS SWINFORD mixed it, JOHN PAUL FOSTER mastered it and DEVON MCFARLAND did the art/layout

THANKS you to Sam & Max, Travis, JP, Devon, Ginger, Ian, Mum, Dad and all the rest




all rights reserved


Eleven Year Old Birmingham, Alabama

Sneaky, but well mannered. EYO is Jacob Hethcox, Sam Reynolds & Max Andrews.

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Track Name: Half-Moon Sight
peeping Tom, through the keyhole sees another eye / “keeping calm” say the free souls, as they start to cry / while my nervous eyes, they crawl through the carpet / half-moon sight is going to mark it
Track Name: Black Door
am I bleeding from my once great castle? because it’s so hard just to, like, anything: “I know, I know!” / know what I mean? a hand was pointed at a black door. shrugging I questioned why that door couldn’t just be green
Track Name: American Lizards
chewing on a piece of grass / drowning in time as it passed / hung up on the same old trip / “hung up on the same old shit” / and the chase begins / I am weaving out then in / predators are fast / separate my tail from ass / can I get away? / for another day I’ll stay / living in the sun / with my only one true low

Track Name: A Hermit's Blues
always looking up into the ceiling / stucco knows exactly what I’m feeling / stare so hard- I swear I saw it peeling / in the bed, my body is congealing / I want to push off with you and land somewhere completely new / I’ve come down with a hermit’s blues and can’t keep up with all I do / every second passing feels like practice / lying motionless upon a mattress / don’t think I could get much better at this / needle broke off inside of my compass / I want to push off with you and fall out of my tennis shoes / I’m burning up with a hermit’s blues to flip it over and hit the snooze / snooze

Track Name: Love Savant
these are the days of my maniac youth / I’ve got the courage and I’ve got the coothe / so let me be your love savant and I’ll do anything you want me to / one true / it’s you, you / these are the days of my maniac youth / I’m waiting on your white palace stoop / don’t leave me here all by myself, I’m no good for anyone else / oh let me be your love savant, please let me be your love savant, oh do / one true / it’s you, you

Track Name: Poochie
in the tall grass she said, “can I hold my dog, man?” took the leash out of my left hand and walked into a field

Track Name: Box Turtle
crushed like a box turtle in the middle of the road / blush all pink and purple, you know I love you so
Track Name: Dissolve
soak into everything in this place / all the senses hiding behind your face / working hands have got to have their resolve / underneath a faucet mine dissolve // I won’t get unwound / living must be better / soft feet, softer ground / I will become “never”
Track Name: Smell Human
smell human my blue friend / I feel better when you’re near, I’m still fine when you’re not here
Track Name: With Spell
prune thyself, oh weary one / delight in all the things you've done / the wall before you is your own, construct three more and claim your home / shame upon the ne'er-do-well who waits with dagger and with spell / unscabbard blade before you soars / he takes the home what once was yours // nothing's lost and nothing's learned / the truth's that we must all take turns / the trickster and the saint both reap an earthen plot and endless sleep
Track Name: Permanently Stuck Faded
here is where I’m hiding out / stealing lanterns, taking light / underneath my statue’s snout / you go swimming through the night and get permanently stuck faded / I wish I would have waited / until nobody else looks / to bait the tackle and hide the hook / it’s my job to turn the knob / and fall into my earthlings arms / then out into the calms she’ll lob / another yellow pillow’s charm and get permanently stuck faded / I wish I would have waded / through the waters of the creek / to find the source and plug the leak / if you’re trying to sneak a peek / another window you must seek!
Track Name: Wax
I grew a horn out of my head-- one from the right, one from the left side / I was asleep when they pushed through / dreaming about being in your room / candle’s burning out now we can’t see / wax is dripping down and hardening onto the floor